Trout from Brussels

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  • (n) antibiotic-free


We have been producing rainbow trout, also known as salmon trout, since February 2021. We decided to raise salmon trout because of their compatibility with the system on several levels: they thrive in the groundwater from our well below the site, and they are compatibe with our recirculating system that reuses the same water many times. This fish benefits from a stable temperature (17°C) provided by the heat pump we’ve installed in the building below. In addition to its ease of adaptation to our systems, here are the main characteristics of our salmon trout:

The fish are fed with a certified organic feed, from which the fish meal and oil come entirely from fishing by-products.

The plant-based part of the feed comes from European crops, certified sustainable and GMO-free.

The water parameters are constantly monitored, the light level and the currents meet the standards of the National Agency for Hygiene and Food Safety.

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