Welcome to BIGH

Welcome to BIGH, our mission is to build a network of sustainable aquaponic urban farms in major cities.

Today, more and more people live in urban areas. The need for fresh and safe food increases every day. For cities worldwide, this is a key challenge. Intensive, integrated urban farming systems are an opportunity to address this need in a sustainable, innovative and effective way, an important step to complement all urban farming initiatives.

What do we do?

We grow fresh & tasty produce locally for cities using an aquaponic system which is sustainable, highly productive, and pesticide free.

Welcome to BIGH

How do we do it?

BIGH integrates farms with existing buildings to benefit from waste energy and reduce their environmental impact. We design our farms with circular economy in mind, our building materials are cradle-to-cradle where possible, sustainable and can be up-cycled. Our farms are designed to make the best use of water and energy, and to reduce the heat island effect. We create spaces to encourage greater biodiversity in cities.

On the roof

Brussels Aquaponics Farm

Our farm combines a 2000m2 high-tech greenhouse and a 2000 m2 productive outdoor garden on the roof of Foodmet market hall, in the heart of Brussels, at the famous Abattoir site in Anderlecht.

We have developed a state of the art aquaponic system where fish, fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown in a closed & zero waste loop.

BIGH uses the latest sustainable technology, we capture building energy loss, recycle rainwater from the site and use renewable solar energy.

We believe in food transparency, so if you’re interested in how we farm at BIGH, please go to our visits page to book a tour of the farm.

Our team

The BIGH team is a combination of people from different backgrounds and sectors: innovative farmers in agriculture & aquaculture, supported by a technical team who drive the development of new BIGH farms. We promote an inclusive vision of local produce and take a leading role in supporting regional sustainable production.

Our products

The Brussels Aquaponics Farm produces high quality, super-fresh,
healthy and tasty produce distributed across the in Brussels region. We cultivate and sell
aromatic herbs, fruits, vegetables and fish. We are very proud to say that some of the best retailers & restaurants in Brussels sell our produce.

Our visits

These educational tours give young generations the opportunity to discover the challenges of urban agriculture in a special farm in Brussels. An incredible one-hour tour at the Ferme Abattoir, including the site’s history and the project, the outdoor garden, the greenhouse, and the fish farm, all with a fantastic view of Brussels, and the tasting of one of our products. We can accommodate a maximum of 25 people, from 6 years old.

Our events

Are you looking for an urban jungle in the middle of eccentric concrete architecture? Would you like to surprise your guests with a special venue in an energy efficient eco-building?Events, parties, photo shoots, filming, team building locations… We can offer you all this and much more! The roof benefits from beautiful light all day long and offers an incredible view over Brussels.