An incredible 1 hour tour of Ferme Abattoir including the outdoor garden, the greenhouse, and the fish farm, all with a fantastic view of Brussels. Available in English, French, German and Dutch.

Price: 17,5€/person

A two part tour, starting with a 30min tour of Ferme Abattoir, followed by a short walk to the urban farm of our partner Atelier Groot Eiland. There you’ll get to see a very different urban farm in action, and get a meal and a drink in their own restaurant, using produce grown onsite.

Price: 37€/person

This tour is designed for companies and other large groups. The farm can be yours for 1h30, a super interactive tour, the perfect opportunity for team-building!

Price: 280€-490€ excl VAT

Hosted by one of our experienced professionals, these tours are designed for other professionals and can be tailored toward horticulture, aquaculture, real estate, or commercialisation. It can even be hosted by the founder Steven Beckers.

Price: 500€ excl VAT

Ferme Abattoir is a working farm and is not currently suitable for large groups of visiting children. However, we can welcome small groups of children above 15 years of age.

Price: 242€

Looking for an urban jungle with concrete and quirky architecture? Photoshooting, videoshooting, terrace for teambuilding, … We can provide all of that and more, the rooftop benefits from fantastic light throughout the day and incredible view of the Brussels skyline.

Interested in one of our experienced professionals coming to speak at your event about the Ferme Abattoir? We’d love to hear about your proposal.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professionals about your own urban farming project, we’d be pleased to speak with you, please contact us.