Our team

The BIGH team is a combination of people from different backgrounds and sectors : innovative
farmers in both agriculture & aquaculture, supported by a technical team for driving the development of BIGH’s farms.

BIGH is led by the vision of the architect Steven Beckers, the founder. BIGH team members all share a passion
for taking urban farming to the next level, as pioneers in Europe of profitable urban farming in a sustainable way.

Steven Beckers

Steven is a visionary and a solution finder, who transforms companies’ real estate assets into opportunities. A Cradle-to-Cradle accredited architect, Steven has led major award winning architectural projects internationally and circular economy projects in the real estate sector since 2011, with his consultancy company Lateral Thinking Factory.

Gwenn Guillaume

Farm Manager 
Gwenn is an agricultural engineer specialized in sustainability economics. After a few years abroad in the cooperation and development sector, she started working at BIGH to develop aquaponics and short circuits. Responsible for optimization and fish farming, she establishes the fish production strategy and the development of future aquaponic farms.

François Latrille

Assistant Manager of Aquaculture
François’ academic background in marine biology and practical experiences in aquaculture has brought him much expertise in fish behaviour and rearing. His dedication for sustainable aquaculture, especially towards aquaponics, allows a smooth management of all daily tasks concerning the rearing of fish at the farm and the recycling of their valuable nutrients.

Cassian Libeer

Horticultural manager
Our horticulture manager Cassian, brings his expertise concerning in production techniques and watch over horticulture management of our greenhouses.

Joseph Ball

Assistant manager of horticulture
Joe’s extensive experience in organic farming enables him to run all horticulture tasks within the farm. He is continuously optimising the production of herbs in the greenhouse and oversees the maintenance of the outdoor garden all the while bringing a positive energy to the team.

Julia Cova

Customer Relations & Logistics Manager
Julia takes care of our customer relations and logistics to make sure that orders run smoothly at the farm and that customers are happy with our services. She has a background in European Politics and specialised in Food Studies at the University of Gastronomic Sciences which makes her a versatile actor in our company. Her multilingual background and understanding of sustainable food chains help her navigate her daily tasks.

Jens De Laet

Sales & Marketing Manager
Jens’ pragmatism and multilingual capacities brings a vital efficiency to everything that touches orders and
sales at the farm. His engineering background
and his passion for a sustainable lifestyle make him
a great addition to the team, allowing the best aspects
of BIGH’s vision to become possible.

Barbara Verniers

Events Manager
Barbara has a degree in Multilingual Communication
but her professional background has led her to
specialize in event organization. She will go the extra mile
(in three different languages!) to make or realize
your best ideas for events on the farm!

Mathias De Vos

Farm Manager
The bio-engineering background of Mathias combined with his focus and organisation give him the keys to manage the farm’s operations and its team. This happens through his experience in aquaponics techniques, in different languages and (as much as possible) with a great smile!

Would you like to join our team?


We are currently looking for our future Sales & Marketing Manager.


BIGH offers various internships. Available to students enrolled in secondary school, bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, these internships last from two months to one year, and allow you to actively participate in the various activities of the farm. They are based on an agreement with the school or university.

We also offer internships for non-students, but their number is limited.

We offer internships within the “Convention d’Immersion Professionnelle” (CIP) framework in collaboration with Bruxelles Formation for a period of 6 months. BIGH can offer internships in the fields of horticulture, aquaculture, sales and marketing

Finally, in collaboration with Actiris, we offer First Internships.

Professional Training

BIGH focuses on sharing with other professionals during the visits. Interested professionals can book a visit with a BIGH expert (production, construction, entrepreneurship, commercial). They are free to ask any questions and discuss specific technical aspects of BIGH with them.

BIGH aims to develop an international network of urban farms over the next few years. We are always interested in hearing from interested candidates, even if there are currently no vacancies. Please feel free to send us your CV and motivation, we will keep it on file.