The BIGH team is a combination of people from different backgrounds and sectors :
innovative farmers in both agriculture & aquaculture,
supported by a technical team for driving
BIGH farms development.

BIGH is led by the vision of the architect Steven Beckers, the founder.
BIGH team members all share a passion for taking urban farming to the next level,
as pioneers in Europe of profitable urban farming in a sustainable way.

Steven Beckers

Steven Beckers is a visionary and a solution finder, who transforms companies’ real estate assets into opportunities. A Cradle-to-Cradle accredited architect, Steven has led major award winning architectural projects internationally and circular economy projects in the real estate sector since 2011, with his consultancy company Lateral Thinking Factory.

Mathias De Vos

Site Manager & Aquaponics Techniques
The bio-engineering background of Mathias De Vos combined with his focus and organisation sees him speaking in the vocabulary of electricity, irrigation, production techniques, and aquaponics. He manages to deliver for BIGH in four languages; German, French, Dutch and English!

Denis Dumont

Horticulture Operations Manager
Our horticulture manager Denis Dumont brings his vast experience from organic farming and European seed companies to the team. He brings his determination and ambition to develop and operate the most innovative, sustainable and healthy farms possible.

Cassian Libeer-Team pic

Cassian Libeer

Horticulture Operations Assistant
Our horticulture assistant Cassian Libeer brings his expertise
concerning in production techniques and watch over
horticulture management of our greenhouses.

Nathalie Gillis

Sales executive & Events manager
Nathalie Gillis, our sales manager and also passionate about cooking and products, guides our customers daily in Dutch, English and French. Teambuilding, event or workshop ? She can provide made-to-measure solutions adapted to your envy !

Would you like to join our dream team?


BIGH offers different internships. For students in high-school, Bachelors or Masters, these internships last from a few weeks up to  a year with active participation in the farm’s different activities. These internships rely on a school or university’s agreement.

For non-student candidates, internships are offered but are limited in number. Non-student internships are supervised by a “Convention d’Immersion Professionnelle” (CIP),this is an agreement from the Brussels Capital Region for placements between 1 and 6 months. BIGH is a diverse organisation and can provide interesting internships in horticulture, aquaculture, sales and marketing,  and construction.

Professional Training

BIGH focuses on sharing with other professionals through visits. Interested professionals can book a visit with one of the BIGH team experts (production, construction, new business). Professionals are free to ask questions and discuss specific technical aspects of BIGH with our experts.


02/01/2019: Communication and Visit Agent:

Offre Emploi_BIGH Anderlecht_Communication Agent

BIGH aims at developing a network of urban farms internationally in the coming years. We are always interested to hear from interested candidates, send us your CV and we will keep it on file. If you want to  send us your CV, please use the button below.