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We want to innovate and inspire. We also want you to know exactly how our products are cultivated, and what you pay for.

Our methods are completely transparent. Our prices reflect local production costs, our sustainability and quality standards and local distribution logistic.

For this reason we partner with specific seeds company, hatchery and growers to get healthiest products with the best natural flavors.

Moreover farms are designed to be visited and technical aspects, quality standards, production systems are shown and discussed with you as a visitor or a client.

– Guarantee without GMO, antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals
– Non toxic construction material for greenhouse and systems, Cradle-to-Cradle inspired construction
– Respectful slaughter techniques of fish
– Use of sustainable supplies, certified when appropriate
– Energy, water and resources efficient throughout
– Designed to improve and evolve in time


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cafermi's coffee

Mushrooms from Brussels

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