In the Farm Abattoir by BIGH we grow trout,
herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables
with our aquaponic system.

Aqua-wat ?

Aquaponics is the combination of fish breeding and
plant cultivation, which considerably reduces
water and fertilizer consumption. All this from a roof,
where we use the heat emitted from the building, rainwater
and other water sources and solar energy! In addition,
we promote local distribution so that the herbs stay fresh
and you can feel the difference on your plates!


Our plants are durable,
healthy and from Brussels!

We grow our herbs for you and with love in our urban farm.
Our greenhouses and aquaponic systems are made of non-toxic materials. Guaranteed GMO-free, pesticide-free and chemical-free products.

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Tomatoes like no other !

In fact, they grow off-ground and are supplied with
water and nutrients by a drip system via a substrate
serving as a link between the water and the plant.
This water is enriched with nutrients thanks to our
fish that live in it, then reused for watering.
They are the delight of those who have already tested them!

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DSC_5293 (1)

Trout on the roof ?!

BIGH is home to the only aquaculture system in Brussels. We therefore guaranteed the freshest fish in Brussels!
Our trout is reared in circular tanks on a rooftop and are fed with an organic feed. As the system is dependent on the proliferation of beneficial bacteria and has constantly recirculating water; no antibiotics can be used. This also means we consume 1-10% of water compared to conventional aquaculture. Who knew a sustainable fish could be available so close?  Product available summer 2021!!


Our tricolor eggplants

We grow our vegetables for you and with love.
We offer you our healthy and local vegetables from
April to November. They grow in our greenhouses,
whose heat comes from the building where the
greenhouses are installed! This system also works
with rainwater and solar energy. We distribute
them locally to guarantee their freshness and
that you feel the difference on your plates!

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Bringing out the flavors

Do you prefer a hot chili or a sweet-spicy salsa?
In our range of chillies you’re sure to find
what you’re looking for, from sweet to mild to
incredibly hot.
Together with the tomatoes
and eggplants, they fill the large conservatory,
where they make use of the residual heat of
the underlying building and the water from
the fish farm. From here we distribute them
in and around Brussels from April to November.

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Points of Sale

Other Brussels
products to discover

Japanese mushrooms
with the ‘brusseleir’ accent

A production of mushrooms from beer spent,
that is, the barley brewing residue in the making of beer.

For curious people, that's here

Microgreens from Éclo

A microgreen is a tiny version of a vegetable, harvested
by cutting at the base of the stem and leave when
the cotyledons are fully developped (between 7 to 21 days).
They contain a real concentrate of flavors, colors and nutrients !

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Beerfood Crackers

The grains used by urban microbreweries to brew beer
are usually thrown away.  Instead, we transform those grains into delicious crackers.

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